Membership – Join Us

The AICR Australia Membership is offered to all hospitality colleagues wishing to be part of this professional networking with strong focus on amicale (friendships).

Our Vision – A professional platform for all Hoteliers to inspire, empower and create exceptional experiences for all our guests.

Our Aim – We endeavour to work together across ALL hotel brands; to encourage members to exchange innovative ideas for creating stronger service culture; and to foster development for future front-of-house professionals.

AICR membership benefits include:

  • Professional networking/direct connection to front office professionals to collaborate where appropriate
  • The opportunity to nominate a candidate to participate in the yearly receptionist competition
  • Invitation to workshops for further learning and developing opportunities
  • Invitation for special networking events and hotel sites
  • A strong relationship with local, national, and international like-minded professionals, where we promote social interaction amongst its members and cities through the AICR App and in person.
  • Creating a personal profile by working with various hotels, tourism associations and hospitality institutions
  • Employment opportunities
  • Be provided with online training opportunities with 'Lighthouse Organizational Development' to access the Online Leadership Certification (LC) program which recognises the excellence of front office roles
  • Invitation to member's exclusive events
  • Invitation to attend the International Congress "AICR Experience"


Membership Application Form