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Receptionist Of The Year (ROTY)

For the competition, a member may nominate up to two candidates. These may be from any hotel that meets the standard of upscale 4, 4½ & 5 stars. This year the Best Receptionist Competition will be held in Canberra on Saturday 17th of November 2018 and the winner will represent Australia in UK by attending the Congress in January 2019.

Our goal is for each hotel to have an AICR member and will enable AICR Australia to meet its objective of forming a network of Front Office Managers around the country with the focus and commitment of promoting hotel front office as a professional career choice by engaging and rewaring their talent.

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The AICR was founded in 1964 on the Côte d'Azur in France by the Chefs de Réception of several luxury hotels. Over more than 54 years the AICR has developed into an international organisation represented in 18 countries and still continues to grow.

At an international level the AICR provides front office managers with an invaluable network offering: a friendly and professional support mechanism; exchange of views, information and experiences; forwarding of reservations making it easier for guests to move to an unknown hotel; the David Campbell Trophy International Receptionist of the Year; recruitment, job search and ways to attract more staff into the industry.

The Amicale also means much more than just a professional organisation. The word 'Amicale' was chosen deliberately to highlight the friendships between amicalists which have been formed over many years.

Individual sections in each country offer a range of activities which may include: a series of meetings every year including lectures by national organisations, eg tourist boards; new hotel inspections; National Receptionist of the Year Competition; information sharing surveys, product presentations; initiatives to attract more young people into the industry such as visits to schools or visits of hotels by schools, and to support them if they have chosen a career in front office.